Authors Note

I suppose the key thing I hope people acknowledge about Roy is that he is, at the core, a satire. Words have a power about them, and once the word about Roy starts to mingle with the world, it will probably become something more than the satire it is. Some will yell damnation, others may call it truth, some will laugh, and others will shake their heads in disapproval. This will all be based on how people choose to react to the words I write about Roy. The only person that has any control of how something is interpreted is the person doing the interpretation from what they are reading.

The concept of Roy came about through a number of conversations I had with a good friend of mine. Theological discussion was something we never seemed to tire of and I always enjoyed giving voice to those that didn’t have one and/or putting a new perspective on mainstream ideas that ultimately, I hoped, would make others giggle just a little.

So as Roy’s creator… (I guess), it’s my hope the people get the satire first, and try not to take it too seriously. It’s how Roy would want it.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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